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Bunyad is envisioned to play a strategic role in promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan and to create a new class of youth and professionals who believe in opportunity recognition and new venture creation. The primary emphasis is to enable Pakistani Entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into enterprises.


All over the world today, the major sector driving employment, income and capacity to any country is entrepreneurship. Not just entrepreneurship for its sake, but the number of successful business ventures and the impact of these successful ventures on national development and gross domestic product.

Pakistan is indeed blessed with great minds and entrepreneurs but unfortunately, most Pakistan’s businesses do not transcend generations. According to a recent survey, the most “stressed out” population in Pakistan are its millennials — those falling between the ages of 18 and 33 years old. This is a flaming red flag: Pakistan is the fifth largest ‘young country’ in the world. To minimize one of the entrepreneurial barriers that has faced by Young Entrepreneurs, we want to bring entrepreneurial revolution by providing seed funds to boost economy and reduce employment challenges in Pakistan. Our mission at ‘Bunyad’ is to drive the entrepreneurial revolution in Pakistan through seed funding.


  • To empower micro and small businesses gain access to seed assets, training, brand, and advisory that will guarantee their success and longevity in the Pakistan economic terrain.
  • To help the society to develop socially, economically, and technologically without being a burden or adding to an already highly unemployed work force
  • To eradicate poverty, build employment creation, reduce unequitable distribution of wealth, and provide better mental and physical wellbeing.

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