MEET OUr Advisory Board

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Zain Ali

Zain draws from 29 years of experience as a business consultant, industry executive and entrepreneur to coach leaders to a better understanding of themselves, their values, and the leadership skills they can access to increase their success. He also focuses on the results of their teams, the organizations they lead, and the relationships they build with their partners. Zain takes pride in helping leaders create a compelling vision that inspires execution.

Zain is masterful at balancing exploration and discovery with action. He helps leaders identify the patterns that have made them successful and the new patterns they need to adopt to achieve full potential as leaders. Then he helps them apply what they’ve learned to create tangible results in their businesses and in their lives.

Zain has worked with clients around the globe from a wide variety of organizations including: Schlumberger, Emerson, GE, Capital One, National Commercial Bank, Barnes & Noble, AT&T , Nortel Networks, Mack Trucks, Bombardier, Raytheon, etc.


  • BS Electrical Engineering, Wichita State University, 89

MS Industrial Engineering, Wichita State University, 92

Professional Highlights

  • Since 1989, Zain Ali has progressively moved into higher leadership roles in the areas of operations, consulting, information technology and sales.
  • Leveraging his background as an engineer, Zain has served in leadership capacities with various companies as a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Sales Director and VP in Consulting and Information Technology in companies such as Bombardier, Accenture, Wipro, Hackett Group, and Global 360.
  • Since 2009 Zain has served as the Founder and Managing Partner for Sunbonnet Partners, with focus on providing learning, consulting and technology for positive impact and measurable results.
  • His clients benefit from his approach: close and continuous communication, a deep understanding of needs, and unique solutions shaped for the unique requirements of each client.
  • Zain has been a speaker on several occasions on varying topics including Keynote speaker for some of the partners, presentations at Oracle World, Sapphire and regular lectures at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and University of North Texas (UNT).